Landscape Lighting

Life After The Sun Goes Down

Our landscape lighting designs make it easy to navigate your property and showcase the central points of attraction of your home and grounds. With proper landscape lighting, we can enhance the safety and security of your property while accenting its beauty.


Additionally, we make it easy for guests to locate the entrance to your property, follow the driveway to the garage/parking area and park their cars. Lighted pathways to the front door and the back of the house help them find their way.

At eventide, your entire landscape will have a perspective of drama and intrigue with the addition of landscape lighting because low voltage lighting adds real beauty to natural settings in low light environs, cushioning you from the hustle of the madding crowd.

Where landscape lights are concerned, energy conscious consumers need not concern themselves with costly utility bills. Solar powered and L.E.D. landscape lights do not necessarily affect utility bills. In fact, your landscape lighting does not even need to be connected to the power grid.

By employing Nolan Plumbing & Irrigation, you can be sure that your design needs are met without concern that low voltage means low lighting. Important points of interest such as a plant or tree in the landscaping, an architectural point of interest on the home itself, or hardscape areas such as walkways, patios, sitting walls, pillars, or even water features will be accented.

We make it fun for friends and families to gather together and share personal times, reminisce of days gone by, or plan for the future. We can make it romantic, too, by lighting a path to a deeper area in your outdoor space.

Why leave your landscape design looking its best only half the day? Given the cost of effective outdoor light options, there is no better time to update your existing landscape. If your landscape is still in the design phase, then allow our landscape lighting contractors to integrate lighting seamlessly into your plans, bringing entire new facets into your design.