Frequently Asked Questions

Backflow Protection

I received a notification from my utility company to test my backflow device; what do I do?

Call us to schedule a test.  We are a JEA preferred backflow tester.

What are the maintenance requirements for backflow prevention assemblies?

Assemblies must be tested annually by a certified backflow tester to make sure they function properly.


Pump and Well

My pump does not run?

Check breaker, on/off switch, make sure pump is plugged in.

My pump runs but I have no water?

Your pump may have lost its prime.

Pump delivers water but does not shut off?

Pressure switch is out of adjustment or contacts are frozen.

My pump cycles on and off when water is being used?

Pressure tank may be waterlogged.

My pump cycles on and off when no water is being used?

Faulty check valve or leak in system.

My pump makes a loud noise when running?

Bearings in motor are bad.



My sprinkler timer comes on at strange times?

You may have multiple start times in programs B and C.


Water Filtration and Treatment

My water has a strong egg odor?

Sulfur, a gas, may be present and an aerator is needed to release the gas.

I notice a chalky film on my dishware?

Water Softeners – Remove iron and hardness from the water.



My hot water runs out fast?

Could be a bad element in water heater.

I think I have a high water bill?

There is a leak in your plumbing system or irrigation system.

We are having freezing weather; what precautions should I take?

Cover any exposed pipes, pumps, backflow devices with insulation.

Water floods my patio during thunderstorms?

Install an absorption drain to remove water.

I have standing water under my home?

Install a footer drain to remove excess water.