Pump and Well Services

Residential and commercial pump repairs or replacement

Nolan Plumbing and Irrigation offers Pump and Well Services to install and repair water well systems.

submersible-pump-package We install a variety of water related pumps, motors and drives.  Whether you’re using well water for irrigation purposes or domestic purposes we offer a wide variety of products and services to fit your needs. Our goal is to provide exceptional pump and well service at a price you can afford without sacrificing quality. Our pump and well services include pump replacement and/or repairs to electrical components, control boxes, pipes, water pressure tanks, pressure valves and hose bibs. At the heart of a water well system is the pumping system.  There are two types of pumps most often used in the residential market. Jet Pumps and Submersible Pumps. What type of pump you use depends on depth of water, water quantity, system pressure, pump cost and pump efficiency.

Nolan has been servicing our irrigation system at our church for many years.  Our system is supplied with water by a well and we have discussed on numerous occasions about the need for an upgrade.  The biggest issue has been inconsistent water pressure. The old pump was finally on its last leg and it was time for a decision to make upgrades.  The budget was approved. Nolan installed a submersible pump down in the well instead of the above ground pump like we had before.  The pressure was so much better.  This improved many weaknesses in our irrigation system just by improving the pressure.  Thanks Nolan.

-Tom Dobson


Deep Well Jet PumpJet Pumps

Jet pumps are mounted above ground and usually housed in a small enclosure. Jet pumps are most often used for shallow wells and use suction created by a vacuum to lift water out of the well through a pipe installed in the well.  Because water is used to create the suction jet pumps must be primed.


We have serviced the Jacksonville area for 30 years. Our experience will give you the quality service you deserve; from residential to commercial you can depend on us for affordable water pump services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pump and Well Services

My pump does not run?

Check breaker, on/off switch, make sure pump is plugged in.

My pump runs but I have no water?

Your pump may have lost its prime.

Pump delivers water but does not shut off?

Pressure switch is out of adjustment or contacts are frozen.

My pump cycles on and off when water is being used?

Pressure tank may be waterlogged.

My pump cycles on and off when no water is being used?

Faulty check valve or leak in system.

My pump makes a loud noise when running?

Bearings in motor are bad.