Water Filtration & Treatment

Systems to accommodate the requirements of the household

Nolan Plumbing and Irrigation would be happy to work with you to develop a custom water filtration and treatment system for your property.

Water Filtration

The types of issues that are generally of concern include sulfur, a rotten egg odor and some find the taste offensive.  It is also corrosive and can cause damage to air conditioning coils and other appliances.  Iron in your water will cause reddish brown staining to concrete and sides of houses.  Hard water is generally made up of the compounds calcium and magnesium.  Hard water will leave scale build up and stains on faucets, dishwashers, water heaters, shower doors, cookware, and most other appliances and fixtures.  High chlorine in your water tastes and smells terrible.

My wife was noticing a strange odor in our house last year, and wanted me to call someone out to investigate.  I did not think it was important at the time and forgot about it.

That summer was brutal and our air conditioning system stopped working. I called my friend who was in the A/C business to come out and get me fixed up.   When he told me that my A/C problem was due to the foul odor that my wife had been talking about I was humbled to say the least.

I called Nolan since we have used them over the years.  They came out and determined that there was a high sulphur content in our well water.  They suggested installing an Aerator and Carbon Filter to improve the quality of our well water and save our A/C from future damage.

Even though I did not want to spend the money I know it was needed. This was a great solution for us.  A happy wife makes for a happy life.  Thanks Nolan.

-Robert Carter


Benefits of having a water treatment and filtration system include:

  • Cleaner Laundry
  • Sparkling Dishes
  • Reduce soap scum and scaling on fixtures
  • Reduces residues on skin, hair and clothes
  • Plumbing Protection
  • Reduces smell
  • Reduces stains left behind from minerals and iron in water

Less time and money cleaning

  • Conditioned water eliminates lime buildup and rust stains, plus it cuts down on soap scum—and less cleaning means spending less on cleaning supplies.

Energy savings

  • Realize major savings on the second biggest energy user in your home: your water heater.

Extends life of appliances

  • By eliminating lime scale buildup, water-using appliances can easily outlive their warranty.

Bottled water

  • Eliminate the expense and waste of bottled water.

We install all types of water treatment and filtration devices

  • Whole house water softeners
  • Whole house carbon filters
  • Whole house debris filters
  • Reverse osmosis water filters
  • Aerators
  • Lawn sprinkler sand separators and filters

Nolan Plumbing and Irrigation looks forward to providing you and your family with fresh, clean and great tasting water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Filtration and Treatment Services

My water has a strong egg odor?

Sulfur, a gas, may be present and an aerator is needed to release the gas.

I notice a chalky film on my dishware?

Water Softeners – Remove iron and hardness from the water.