Oakleaf Plantation


drip-irrigation hardscape-and-landscape lawn-sprinkler

This hardscaping project was completed in Oakleaf Plantation, Jacksonville. As you can see from the first pictures, we started with a large unfinished backyard area. We excavated to prepare for the pavers and re-routed the rain run-off from the house to prevent the site from turning into a maintenance nightmare during storms and rainy seasons. We then installed the landscaping with drip irrigation and beautiful pavers on the patio and pathway.

All materials and labor are warranted for one full year after the date of installation. This warranty covers all equipment Nolan Plumbing And Irrigation, Inc. installs. Any existing pumps or other water sources are not covered under this warranty. All water supplying the system must be clean and free of sand and debris. Any filtration devices needed after the date of installation will be additional cost of the system. This warranty will ensure 100% coverage of area designated to be watered. Any additional landscaping planted after installation is not covered in this warranty. This warranty does not cover any severe acts of nature such as freeze, hail, lightning or tree fall. Damage due to theft or vandalism is also not covered. Homeowner has option to renew warranty after first year.

Project Experience