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At the Camping World job site we installed a artesian well for our water source. This enabled the owner to utilize ground water to water all the landscape without the cost of using city water which saved them about 4,900.00 dollars per year. They also utilized this ground water to wash motor homes and clean up the building and property as we installed hose bibs in various locations. We maximized the use of ground water to lower the owners utility cost and hopefully increase their profitability.

In commercial construction there is required minimum landscaping that has to be completed before a certificate of occupancy will be issued. The owner has the choice of installing a fully automatic lawn sprinkler system or either hose bibs every 75’. In most cases the owner is forced to install the automatic lawn sprinkler system because the landscaping can’t be warrantied without means of consistent watering during the grow in period usually 1 year. We teamed up with Netafim a drip tubing company and value engineered a drip system to provide water to all the plant material on the site without having to install a traditional automatic irrigation system. This enabled the plant material to be warrantied, met all city code requirements and saved the owner 12,000.00 dollars. Not to mention the fact that it saved about 450,000 gallons of water consumption per year. The system is fully independent of city water as it operates on a private well. There are no sprinkler heads to maintain or trip hazards to worry about. This system is one of a kind and provided a solution for all parties involved. The owner has lush landscape, the landscaping has a warranty and the contractor saved time and money on this project. We were also the landscape contractor at the Camping World job site. Our goal was to provide low maintenance native plant material and grasses coupled with a highly efficient drip watering system. This increased the efficiency of our project and reduced the owners cost to maintain the property. This is the focus on most all of our landscape projects low maintenance and native plant material means a landscape that is naturally easy to take care of and naturally disease resistant. It works well with the environment, looks beautiful and requires almost no chemical applications or heavy fertilization. I have seen a growing interest in this type native plant design and highly efficient irrigation design.

All materials and labor are warranted for one full year after the date of installation. This warranty covers all equipment Nolan Plumbing And Irrigation, Inc. installs. Any existing pumps or other water sources are not covered under this warranty. All water supplying the system must be clean and free of sand and debris. Any filtration devices needed after the date of installation will be additional cost of the system. This warranty will ensure 100% coverage of area designated to be watered. Any additional landscaping planted after installation is not covered in this warranty. This warranty does not cover any severe acts of nature such as freeze, hail, lightning or tree fall. Damage due to theft or vandalism is also not covered. Homeowner has option to renew warranty after first year.


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